Saturday, June 25, 2016

Recommendations Site: Launching Our First Mini-Project For BlogSpot Bloggers!
Recommendations Site: Launching Our First Mini-Project For BlogSpot Bloggers!

Today, everything in blog-o-sphere is overcrowded. Everything means everything. For example, Google. Google is also crowded. Suppose, I am a new Blogger, and I want to learn about some great tools for blogging. Naturally, I'll search for "Top Great Tools For Newbie Bloggers". Then? There are 10 URLs and on the next page, there are ten more. I'll surely open the second & third URL (it's my habit). Then, I'll find top 10 tools for blogging on the first page I opened and other 10s on the second one.

Confusion started. This confusion leads to time waste. When you are confused, you try numerous things and end up with the few bests.

But, think about a situation when you just open a page and you get the best blogging tools without any confusion and time waste?

Think, do that time waste worth (that you did for coming out of the confusion)? You could have written a lot, promoted a lot and increased your traffic on that time. - Shit.

Have you seen any popular WordPress blog? Oh, how idiot I am. I am asking this to a person who has learned a lot with WordPress blogs.

So, they all have a "Recommended" sections where you could find all the tools that worth your try. But, here the saddest part comes - those are for only WordPress users. Again, Shit!

It's like "Time to leave earth" - For BlogSpot users.

No, it won't go like that further!

Launching Our First Mini-Project

Yes! With the extreme excitement, I am launching our first Mini-Project that's not a part of this blog but yes, a sister site of Blogger Guider. 

Wait, you might have already seen it because there's a link to it on the navbar. But, it's great if you haven't seen it yet!

Best Recommendations For Blogspot Blogs - Recommendatons Site

Who says Recommendations are present for WordPress users only? Here're the best tools recommended by Blogger Guider for new as well as experienced bloggers to use!

It's a recommendations site for BlogSpot bloggers. All the tools listed here (or there) are compatible for BlogSpot blogs. All the tools listed there, are used by Professionals and are superb when you're starting. For the ones who have begun, can just upgrade to the premium versions of those plugins as most of the tools that we've listed there have their two version. Free, for starters and Premium, for professionals.

These days, there's so much workload, and I barely get any time to write posts, but fortunately, I managed to create this mini-project and made it responsive. Means, no matter if you're on your desktop or mobile, you can see it as good as you're seeing it now!

So, End?

No man, I'll be continuously updating the site with new tools in every few weeks. If you would like receive updates for it, just open the project site and then, you'll find a subscription pop-up asking if you'd like to receive updates in your email. Just fill it up and you're done!

Last Words

I hope you've liked this mini-project. Would love to get your feedback using comment on using an email. And yes, your recommendations are most welcome. I alone can't try all the tools available in the world, and so, I need your help. You have ever tried any blogging tool that is compatible with Blogspot blogs, kindly do share it in the comments below or you can directly send it via an email to (yes, we bought a new email address, be sure to save it on your contact list for the sake of ease of identifying who has emailed you). Thanks!

Teaser: I am will share about how to move a blogspot blog with custom domain from HTTP to HTTPS for free in minutes in the next post. So, stay tuned and be subscribed!