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5 Things You Should Stop Doing If You’re Willing To Do Friendship With A Pro-Blogger [Personal Experience]
Ouch! An evergreen topic. Isn’t it?
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So, let’s come to the topic. Tell me, which Blogger doesn’t want to be a friend of a Professional Blogger? Or…just of a blogger nicer than him? Ask yourself! You too like to be a friend of a Professional Blogger, for example, Darren Rowse. But, these days, this appears to be quite difficult. You know…why? Because Pro-Bloggers are now habitual of spam on their account. Bloggers send them friend request and ask them to visit their blog. That’s why these days Blogger do not accept friend requests or be friends with the ones who are unknown to them.

So, you know, you’re not that type of “Spammer.” You want to make friends, and, Pro-Bloggers as a friend; you’re unsure about what things you can do to make them friends and what things you should avoid in order to make a good impression of yours in front of them. You are at right place, congratulations! Here, today, I am going to tell you some secrets about how I made my first few professional bloggers, friends and what things I avoided and so, would advise you to avoid!

Well, I guess…you must be thinking, what are the benefits of making professional bloggers, friends? Oh, there are many. Really. Look, if you do not have some blogger friends, then you have just steps into blogging. Eh?

But, making friends, and especially pro bloggers, can help you a lot. Listen, if you’re a new blogger, you must be looking a way to make an online image. Am, “Image” literally means, yeah, picture, but here, it’s about making your name famous. When you have got some bloggers who are professional, this may help. For example, when you both are conversing about a particular topic publicly, on Twitter or on Facebook or even on Google+, then you’re going to have a notable exposure. Because, when you’re doing it publicly, your conversation is going to be live on your pro blogger friend’s timeline. And, when you have an excellent blog, fabulous, but no readers, your friend could share it on his timeline if he liked any post published by you. These days, professional blogger curate best content from the globe on their timeline and so, they can share yours too! But, there’s a non-irritating way to let him know you have a blog with fabulous content, and that’s I am going to share in this post, + some more excellent tips!

Well, listen. Before reading the points I have written below that you should avoid, you should know how to make professional bloggers talk to you and have a look on your blog. It’s quite simple, but many Bloggers fail to do this. The process is, very simple. Just send him/her friend request, in case he/she accepts it, send him a “Hi!” followed with your introduction with your blog. For example:
Hi! I am a Blogger at and would love to talk to you. :)
Yes. Enough. If he replies, continue the conversation and keep in mind the things I have written below.

But, look. Firstly make your goal and then set a milestone. I mean to say, in order to make friendship with Neil Patel, one should not directly grab his email and then email him. You would never get a reply (when you’re too lucky, you can). To make him a friend, you should first make friendship with some lesser famous professional bloggers who are not as big as he is. Make them friends, then try making friendship with his fellows (you can keep an eye on his Twitter account for getting info about his fellow or the ones he talks with a friendly & warm tone; or to know who is his special buddy, who have more importance than his general readers) and then you could have a conversation with Neil Patel as a friend!

Now let’s read the most important part!

1. Make Your Blog Outstanding

Who is that type of nerd? No one likes a blog with no specialty.

For example, my blog, where you are reading this currently, have material design template, features that you won’t find on any Blogspot blog and helpful and lots of content with good ranking and Alexa rank. If we see other money-making blogs, for instance,, they have ebooks and plenty of posts with a professional design. Got it?

If you want a professional blogger, as a friend, firstly impress him. Make your blog outstand in the crowd by using premium widgets, eye-catching theme and most important – content; as Bill Gates has also said, “Content Is King.”

Here’s to read something more awesome: Things Your Readers Could Hate About Your Blog! (Warning)

Don’t give a shit to traffic. Yo have 0 traffic, no problem. Just maintain your blog. By making your blog awesome, you are going to attract the new audience and that pro blogger would also get attracted. Be sure that you’ve written the best content, you can write. Try proofreading every post you write or have written and published by Grammarly. Once, impress him and then he would also love to make you, a friend of him because everyone likes to make a professional, excellent writer & blogger with an awesome blog, friend. Be that kind of person and your friends are ready to talk to you!

And one more thing, don’t think professional bloggers as a traffic-making machine. Treat them like real friends, in fact, be their true friends! Share their articles only when they worth it; no buttering! NO one likes it in this world, my dear friend.

2. Don’t Copy Content

Wait, don’t you think this one should be a part of tip#1? No, it’s important and needs your focus, really.

You know, when you are copying content, you can't make it yours. Formatting would differ, and even when you are clever enough, you can’t hide its actual truth from search engines bot. They are smarter than human and so than you.

Look, the person you are going to make a friend, is a professional blogger, and he knows everything about blogging. He would surely get to know that you’ve copied this content by looking at the content. They are also smarter than you. Yes, bitter truth.
[quote]Life is tough when you are always talking to the people smarter than you. – @Chetan_Bhagat[/quote] But yes, when you quote something in your post, anyone would be in love with you. Then what the hell is that blogger? This activity clearly shows that you publish articles about reading a lot and researching a lot about a particular topic. Try quoting the people or quoting some paragraphs or lines from some nice personalities and even from some great blogs like Mashable or SearchEngineLand when you blog about SEO. It would be awesome!
[update headline="Pro Tip"]Try doing all the optimizations I am telling you to do in this whole post in your latest post and publish it before you’re introducing yourself to your dream blogger.[/update]

3. Don’t Ask Questions

Listen, go to and start reading their posts about “How To Make Relationships” or “How To Talk To People Longer.”

You will surely get to know the line that – ask questions starting with “How” & “Why.” This absolutely helps in talking the people, you really aren’t too close but want to be in close as soon as possible.

So? Should you do it with bloggers also? No, never and not at all. Firstly, don’t ask them questions about their personal life…for example: Which mobile do you have? Which version of Android do you use, CyanogenMod or stock? Or Which type of food you like to eat? Or where you are going right now and when you come online daily? Or Do you have a friend? (you know…what I am trying to express by “friends”)

These questions would make anyone frustrated. I have seen new bloggers, asking such questions like if they strongly aim to be a reporter; news reporter. They act like them.

Look, you are a blogger, and he is also a blogger. Try to ask questions like, How do you manage your time? How do you reply to your followers? Do you have your own branded domain? How many blogs do you run?

Do not ask them about their past, about what they are going to do in future, about their clients and their personal life [most important]. When you avoid asking such question, you’ll be able to maintain your impression which you had made in your first message.

4. Don’t Tag Everyone In Your Posts

Tagging is the feature which was released by Facebook.

Sorry, I know, you know that. But, these days people are not using this feature like this should be utilized. Tagging is used only when particular status update/photo/video has something in relation to the person you’re going to tag. Let’s listen to Facebook, what they have to say about this feature:
When you tag someone, you create a link to their profile. The post you tag the person in may also be added to that person’s Timeline. For example, you can tag a photo to show who's in the photo or post a status update and say who you're with. If you tag a friend in your status update, anyone who sees that update can click on your friend's name and go to their profile. Your status update may also show up on that friend's Timeline.
People these days tag all their friends (there’s a limit of 100 friends per photo & 50 friends per status update) to get more exposure. I don’t know if you’re doing it or not, but now it’s the right time to stop it because this is just an irritating activity and it can irritate anyone. When you are tagging your all friends, they are getting the notification about your every post. Listen, that’s not that awesome. Will you like to get a notification about your friend when you haven’t followed it?

Instead of tagging your every friend on your updates, offer them the option to follow you. Place the follow button (you can grab it from FB Dev site) on your site and ask your readers to follow you. Don’t use the feature tagging unnecessarily. Utilize it, don't misuse it. Doing such things can fade your impression in front of your new blogger friend!

5. Don’t Ask Them To Visit Your Blog

Imagine: there are 1000+ pending friend requests in your account. You already have 4000+ friends. You accept one friend request and that person immediately send you: “Hey, visit my blog:” You would unfriend him and if not, then won’t like to talk him further. Confirm.

Same for your blogger friend. If he is a professional blogger, then he is popular, and have lots of followers, it’s that simple. He wouldn’t like if you give them a URL of your new blog post daily and please him to read that blog posts. No, don’t do this.

However, you can do this if your publishing frequency is too low. Means, 4-5 posts per month but be sure to share URLs that are well formatted and are good. Don’t just share what you have posted. Share, when it worth. And one more thing, don’t let him feel that you have made him a friend only to share blog posts and get traffic. In simple words, don’t leave him alone when you do not have anything to share. Talk to him, share your experience and learn from him as a true friend.

Last tip: Don’t Ever Request Them To Share Your Content

Final Words

So…liked it? I hope. Making friendship with pros is the toughest task today and when they have lots of attitudes and that serious face like your childhood’s rude teacher. It’s not that simple. I hope this post has helped you in making friends and if you used other things to make a robust friendship with professionals, please share it with us using comments and don’t forget to share this! :)