Thursday, June 14, 2018

How do I get rid of Promotional emails (make them disappear)
How to avoid seeing any Promotional Emails in Gmail
How to avoid seeing any Promotional Emails in Gmail
If you're a person who is always online, surfing sites reading content, downloading ebooks, you must have entered your email several times on several websites.

Well, you know, that's a trap.

These websites start sending you emails about there new products and these people are marketers and know how to manipulate one's mind.

Well, what is the solution for all this?

I'd say, to get rid of such emails.

You'll say, "that's why the promotional emails tab is present in Gmail."

Amm, but still they'll be in your inbox, and you still would have the wish to see those email once. Because the language and the words used in such emails are powerful.

So? How to avoid such emails? How to just completely remove them from the inbox?

And by the way, where these emails will go then?

Hold on, read the blog post and you'll know everything.


Okay. So, the main thing.

We are going to do this using "Inbox."

You don't know what Inbox is? It's just a new way to use Gmail. It's like Google Chrome & Chrome canary. Having slightly different features but backed by the same organization.

Okay. So here are the steps:
  • Head over to Inbox;
  • From the left menu, see for "Promo" label;
  • Hover over it and click the clog (gear) icon;
  • And switch off the "Bundle messages in the inbox" option.
avoid seeing promotional emails in gmail
Switch off the switch that in front of "Bundle messages in the inbox."
  • And then check the "Skip the inbox" option too (after you check it, you'll have an option to move previous promotional emails also
  • That's all. :)
Easy. Right?

Where will the promotional emails go?

In "Archive" folder in Gmail and in "Done" label in Inbox.

And by the way, it will work everywhere. No matter you're on Gmail app, Inbox app, Gmail web version or Inbox's.


Now close the tab, go to Gmail and congrats. :)