About Us - From Where We Came?
Trust me; I didn't think that I would be able to run this blog and this blog would ever get 1K+ subscribers. Here, our story goes, about what we did, who is operating Blogger Guider, why I started Blogger Guider and who's mind is behind it.

The Starter, Author & Everything Of Blogger Guider - Shivansh Verma

Hi! I am Shivansh Verma and brain behind Blogger Guider. I am from India's UP having just a laptop and a dial-up internet connection. On 15 January, at evening, I had registered "bloggerguiders.blogspot.com" as my 3rd blog's subdomain which is now "bloggerguider.com. Till then, Blogger Guider is continuously getting it's recognition on the web.

As I already told you, Blogger Guider is my third blog. My first blog was placeforcompinfo.com. I had registered it, and then never renewed it. At the age of 10, I'd started blogging and then, decided to be a professional blogger and soon, I dream to be an entrepreneur. But, currently, I'm not ready for that as time's not right and financial condition are also not favourable.

Why Blogger Guider Was Created?

Seeing some professional blogger, like Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai, Harsh Agrawal, Amit Agrawal and Darren Rowse, I rose an interest in blogging and soon, learned many new things about it and thought to share the same by making a blog, a medium and so; Blogger Guider was born. Here, I post about Blogging, both, tips and tricks. My visitors have shown great support to this blog, and that's why I continued this. I hope you also like Blogger Guider. :)

Mentions Of Blogger Guider & Me

As I am not a very social person and do not give time to guest post and all other things, we both don't have many mentions. But, we've some!
More are to happen. :p

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