Hire Me! (Shivansh Verma)

I'm glad you're interested in hiring me.

Well, I wrote "me" here because I'm the (and only) person behind Blogger Guider. I love all sort of things like singing, rapping, sketching but the top hobby of mine is, you probably be knowing, Blogging.

I do blogging for fun. But it also gives me some bucks and for which, I'm so happy!

Well, let me tell you something about me and about my position, how I'm here. I'm Shivansh Verma, and when I was of 10 years, I met with my computer teacher. He told me that he has made a website and he would pay me Rs. 50 if I would write articles for him.

Actually, that was not a "website". That was a blog which was (maybe is) hosted on Blogger.com.

When I opened his so-called website, I saw "Powered by Blogger" and then I opened Blogger and started my journey and today, I'll not say I'm a #pru, but I'm a stable Blogger having the know-how of Blogger.com.

If you've thought to hire me, then I'm really excited to work with you, with your company maybe.

But let me first clear something. I work for Blogger.com blogs and not work WordPress or Bootstrap websites. I'm still learning those platforms.

You can hire me for:

  • Improving overall SEO of your blogger blog;
  • Drastically reducing loading time of your blogger blog;
  • Creating a personal blogger theme (formerly templates) for your blog.
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